The workshops and Training Program aims to develop young performing artists’ capabilities and self confidence by:
  • - Exposing the artists to different approaches, experiences, and methods that they can apply to their work.
  • - Promoting a better understanding and assimilation of diverse theories and techniques into the Egyptian art scene.
  • - Creating a link between the participants and local professionals in the field.
  • - Introducing the artists to the wider local and regional market.
  • - Increasing the artists’ access to new aspects of the performing arts.
  • - Increasing the artists’ exposure to diverse artistic visions
Workshops include a large panel of artistic disciplines such as scenography, lighting, costume, make-up, acting, play writing, etc.
All workshops are led by local, regional and international trainers of the highest professional caliber.
Since 2005, Studio Emad Eddin has held over 200 workshops, hosted by more than 100 local and international trainers, amounting to almost 20 workshops a year. Additionally, over the past decade SEE foundation has held a number of long-term training programs curated by international artists.
Note: Workshops are open to all applicants provided they fulfill the selection criteria as set out by the trainer.




  • August 16th, 2016
  • By Zosia Dowmunt (UK)
  • Date: from 16th to 20th of October 2016z
  • Time: 6 to 9 pm
  • Cost: 250 EGP including 50 EGP registration fee
  • Venue: Studio Emad Eddin Foundation, 18 Emad Eddin Street, Cairo, Egypt
  • Language: Workshops will be in English with Arabic translation
You can pay at Orient Productions office (15 Emad Eddin street) from 11 AM until 5 PM or at Studio Emad Eddin (18 Emad Eddin Street) from 5 PM until 10 PM on weekdays only.
Download application form here: http://bit.ly/WomenDance1
To apply: Please send your application to workshops@orientproductions.org and put the workshop title in the subject line of your email applications will be accepted until the workshop is full FIRST PAY, FIRST RESERVE
Workshop description:
It is body ownership and story-telling. A workshop for Women only exploring body ownership, choice and empowerment. Each session will begin with a technique class based on release, graham and cunningham contemporary dance techniques. Building strength, flexibility and creative expression. After which we will have space for open discussion, improvisation and creative tasks. The workshop will provide the basis of research for Zosia Jo’s new performance project (Un)Covered.
About the trainer: Zosia’s eclectic training includes dance and drama to A level, youth dance training and performance at The Place, London, a degree from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Dance Research Studio’s Interdisciplinary Performance Training and certificates in psychotherapy and counselling skills from Spectrum Psychotherapy. Working as a performer, choreographer and facilitator, Zosia has built a portfolio career specialising in multidisciplinary performance work including dance, spoken word and theatre. As a performer Zosia has worked with Kitsch’n’sync Collective, Nutshell Dance, Enormous Yes Theatre Company, Cramp Group, James Finnimore, Sean Tuan John and Tanja Ramen, as well as often dancing in her own work. As a choreographer, Zosia enjoys an international career including several works made in Cairo Egypt, and performances across the UK. Her solo performance work, Herstory recently found critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Zosia is fascinated by non-traditional performance spaces. Her 2013 work The Applause Project, and her recent work in Cairo, Ancient Modernity both seek to deconstruct theatrical convention. For more info about the trainer visit www.zosiajo.com