An interactive workshop on short documentary filmmaking using the “One Man Crew” production methodology. Participants are invited to write, shoot, edit and direct films with the help of colleagues when needed.
The workshop is divided into four segments of studying the principles of shooting, writing, directing and video editing. Participants will undergo exercises in each of the previously mentioned overlapping and cumulative practices.
By the end of the workshop, each participant will be able to produce their individual project.
The curriculum is based on the idea of reverse-engineering, where films are analyzed to find out how they are made. It also incorporates increasing the participants’ visual awareness and observation in order to express the self and its surroundings through filmmaking.
The workshop will be conducted in Arabic.
Part One: Visual Awareness
Form and composition
Frame sizing
Photography angles
The golden ratio in photography
Objects within the frame
Light (definition, reading, and coloring)
Lenses (uses, connotations and aesthetics)
Controlling the camera
Part Two: Documentation
Planning and implementing stages
Filming intros, getting to know the characters and the project
Inspecting obstacles throughout the project
Solving obstacles
Documenting moments of success and failure
Documenting errors and how to resolve them
Finalization and celebrating success
Estimated workshop duration:
6 consecutive months, 4 of which are dedicated to theoretical and practical lectures, and two months to work on a final project.
The estimated number of meetings is 24 meetings that will be held weekly lasting four or five hours as needed, including a break.
The total number of working hours is 120 working hours.
Application deadline: December 10, 2023.

Workshop fees: 9,000 EGP.
5,000 EGP to be paid before the workshop. The remaining amount can be paid once the workshop begins at Studio Emad Eddin or via bank transfer.

To participate please fill out the application form:

Projects by the workshop’s participants in its first round will be showcased at Rawabet Art Space on the 25th of December featuring projects by Ahmad Ewis, Amal Almaz, George Fakhry, and Adham Hamza. A discussion with the filmmakers will be held afterwards.
About the instructor:
Mohamed Fathallah is an independent photographer and director. He has worked as a theatre actor and a children’s theatre instructor since 2002. He also worked as a lighting and scenography designer in a number of independent theatre troupes since 2003. He then studied directing, scripting and montage at the Cairo Jesuit Film School in 2007/2008 and shot many independent documentary films.
He won the Goethe-Institut Prize for Short Documentary Films for his short documentary film “The Who” in 2009. He also won second place in the Goethe-Institut Independent Film Festival for the short film “Malak… Hanem” in 2010.
He worked on documenting the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) over three consecutive editions from 2012 to 2014 and as a photographer for the American Al Hurra news from July 2014 until October 2018.